Who we are

We are a small IT company with extensive, yet humble beginnings. After a number of years of graphic design, advertising and printing our founder, Selwyn Orren, decided to shift gears and narrow down what we really offered as services. We wanted to focus all our attention on the Web Design and Development arena. Armed with little to almost no experience, our adventure begins.

A few years later, in 2011, we were tired a limited hosting, slow server, contracts you could never understand, and call centres where you were just a number in a queue. This is when Linuxweb was born.

Since 2016, we started rapidly increasing our product range and list of services, we have made it our mission to help small designers, developers, digital entrepreneurs, innovators... And You! bring idea to life on the internet

Today, our services power over 200 clients with the internet in more than 3 different countries. From WordPress to Thiry Bees, static websites to our own fully customised Content Managed solution. ADSL to mobile data and Fibre Data.

Everyday people, bloggers, professionals, business small and large, we have made it easier for people to connect and have an effective internet experience.

Why choose Linuxweb?


Ask any of our customers why they love Linuxweb and you'll hear about our stellar service and support, not to mention our extensive knowledge on all things internet. We are available via Google hangouts, Skype, Support Tickets, Emails. We have even been know to respond to one smoke signal. Supporting our clients is how we spend 80% of our time.


When you weigh it all up, Linuxweb gives you value for money. Better hardware, smarter server managements, dedicated support staff might cost a little more, but we think it';s worth it, and every customer agrees.


We see freedom, and we see it today. We want to be an internet company that is open and transparent. where you get to become friends with our techies and know who your going to call and any time during the day. We believe in Open Source, it's the very foundation of our company. We run Linux, our servers are Linux, but, we do wash windows as well.

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