Statement of Support

We are a small IT company that packs a power punch in its support. it's personal, friendly and always helpful. It's probably why most of our customer select Linuxweb.

We take great pride in the passion, professionalism, and personality our team shares with you when you need support

As we add new features and services to our service offering and you add third-party applications, modules, plugins and themes. Now is as best a time as any to let you know what's included in our hosting support and what's not. Let's get some nitty gritty out the way, right?

This Statement of Support is not constitute any binding agreement by either you or Linuxweb, it's purpose is merely intended to specify some of the guidelines of Linuxweb support levels on the products and services we sell. This Statement of Support is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Linuxweb without any notice to you.

As always if you have questions or need support you can always call, chat or email and we will be there 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and 52 weeks a year (8/5 as you will see everywhere on our packages).

Here's a breakdown of what's supported and what's not Supported Not Supported
Clientzone and its tools and features
Accessibility of control panel (cPanel®/WHM)
Function of control panel (cPanel®/WHM)
Network Performance and Uptime
Security updates and patches on the Servers
Linuxweb SSL Certificate Installations
Third-Party SSL Certificates
Linuxweb modified DNS zone Settings
Client modified DNS zone Settings
Email client configuration
FTP client configuration
Internet training
SEO Settings
Website APP installations
Any third party services
Root level customisations
Content and data backups
Reseller private name servers
Cross browser compatability
Hacks due to customer controlled enviroments

Shared Hosting


We will ensure that server thingy will be running and behaving in an acceptable manner and should it develop a speed wobble, we will get it back up and ruining as soon as possible.

DNS zone file

DNS zone files associate your IP address with your domain name. We will provide you with a functional basic DNS zone file configured with the "A", "MX" and "NS" records necessary for proper function on the Linuxweb name servers.

Standard Services

We will ensure the poroper running and maintaining of ftp, email, hosting and clientzone panels are functional and accessible.

Webmail client

We provide the accessibility of RoundCube which allows online viewing of emails on the server as well as the ability to set forwarders and autoresponders.

SSL configuration

We offer installation and full support of Rapid SSL certificates that are purchased through Linuxweb.

Software versions

We will ensure that our WHM/cPanel installations, firewalls and brute force protection including DDOS detection are the latest in order to provide a secure and stable environment.

Not Supported
One-Click Applications

We do not supply nor support any one-click applications

Scripts and Applications

The customer is fully responsible for the installation and correct operation of any and all scripts and applications. We do not troubleshoot or provide any support relating to malfunctioning scripts or applications. We strictly adhere to this policy.

Internet Training

We do not provide training or education on the operation of any aspect of Internet technology. It is expected that you will have a basic understanding of Internet concepts such as email, web, web browsers, FTP, and general computer literacy.

Data Backup

The customer is responsible for executing and maintaining current data backups.

Database Administration

The customer is responsible for the administration of your MySQL databases. That includes regular backups/dumps and local or off site storage of backups, as well as imports and exports.

Email client configuration

Configuration of any email client on any device, desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

FTP Client configuration

Configuration of any FTP client is not supported

3rd party SSL certificates

Any installation and administration of third-party SSL certificates not sold by Linuxweb

eCommerce Software

Any eCommerce software is not allowed on the shared server environment. Any installation found of any eCommerce environment will be suspended and an email sent to the account owner.

WordPress Hosting

All of the Above

All items listed as supported in the shared hosting environment apply.


If Linuxweb runs the installation, we will insure that the latest WordPress is installed with the relevant security plugins as well as it's configuration as well as the best analytics plugin

Automatic Updates

Linuxweb will ensure the base WordPress Platform is installed and all approved and installed plugins and themes will be upgraded as well. We run nightly scans to determine what needs updating. Linuxweb needs administration access to the website.

Not Supported
All of the Above

All items listed as not supported in the shared hosting envoroment apply.

Theme Customization

The customer is responsible for any customer generated customizations to any and all installed WordPress themes, including the stock theme.

eCommerce Software

Any eCommerce software is not allowed on the shared server enviroment. Any installation found of any eCommerce environment will be suspended and an email sent to the account owner.

Thirty Bees Hosting


This is a dedicated server for eCommerce. We love Thirty Bees and prefer that above any and all eCommerce solutions. Woo-Commerce for WordPress can be installed here as well.

Not Supported
All of the Above

All items listed as not supported in the shared hosting environment apply with the exception of the eCommerce statement.

It is very important to realise that this list is not exhaustive nor does it exclude our terms of service, privacy policy or any other policy that we have in place.

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